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Lifting 271 mn out of poverty in 10 yrs, India fastest, Jharkhand No. 1 area: UN -Shalini Nair

-The Indian Express According to the global MPI 2019 report released Thursday, between 2005-06 and 2015-16, India, lifted 271 million out of poverty, significantly reducing deprivations in many of the ten indicators, particularly in “assets, cooking fuel, sanitation and nutrition”. India has registered the fastest absolute reduction in the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) value among ten countries, spanning every developing region, whose combined population is two billion people. And Jharkhand is...

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Country's non-income-based poverty level has fallen over the past 10 years, shows new report

For long, economists have argued among themselves whether income should be the only criterion for measuring poverty. After all, in real life a person can face multiple deprivations, say, in terms of access to education, health and living standards, among others. The multidimensional poverty index (MPI), which offers a valuable complement to traditional income-based poverty measures, was first introduced in the 2010 Human Development Report (HDR). The MPI looks at...

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Poverty and inequality

KEY TRENDS   • According to the report entitled Global Multidimensional Poverty Index 2019: Illuminating Inequalities, the total number of poor people in India, who face multiple deprivations in education, health and living standards, has fallen by 271 million in the last one decade viz. from 640.6 to 369.5 million between 2005-06 and 2015-16. However, the population in multidimensional poverty has increased from 369.5 million in 2015-16 to 373.7 million in 2017...

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Fixing poverty line at Rs 32 per capita/day doesnt even guarantee a bare subsistence by Raghav Gaiha & Vani S Kulkarni

-The Economic Times   The UPA government - especially the Planning Commission - has been taken to task for fixing a poverty line at a level (Rs 32 per capita/day in urban areas) that does not even guarantee a bare subsistence. In the medley of scathing critiques and rebuttals, three strands of arguments seem dominant. One is that the poverty line is utterly unrealistic as a measure of subsistence requirements of food, health...

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Half of India’s population lives below the poverty line by Arun Kumar

According to a new Oxford University study, 55 percent of India’s population of 1.1 billion, or 645 million people, are living in poverty. Using a newly-developed index, the study found that about one-third of the world’s poor live in India. The Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) has been developed by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) as a more precise and comprehensive means of...

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