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At 58%, Surat has highest migrant population in India: Unesco

-DNA Gujarat is among key destination states for migrants along with Delhi, Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab & Karnataka. Surat, which is famous for its diamond and textile industries, is home to the highest percentage of migrant population in India, states a Unesco report on ‘Social Inclusion of Illegal Migrants in India'. The report, released on Thursday, says that Surat at 58% has the highest percentage of migrant population in India. The population of...

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Internal migrants contribute 10 pc to GDP: UNESCO

-PTI NEW DELHI: Internal migrants, estimated to constitute about 30 per cent of the population, contribute 10 per cent to the country's GDP with employment having become the biggest reason behind migration, a UNESCO report has said. The report considers Internal Migration as being a key factor behind prosperous cities, boosting economic activity and growth. Citing various sources, it estimated that following Census 2011, the number of migrants may have increased to about...

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Migrants contributors, not burden on cities: UN report

-IANS NEW DELHI: Breaking the myth that Internal Migration is burdening the cities, a new study says migrants are in fact contributing largely to the gross domestic product (GDP) and proving to be a subsidy. A Unesco report on social inclusion of internal migrants in India released on Thursday says migrants are looked upon as "outsiders" and considered a burden, but the fact is that internal migrants contribute cheap labour for manufacturing...

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Migration: supportive policies needed by Vidya Subrahmaniam

The United Nations Development Programme-sponsored 2009 Human Development Report on migration, “Overcoming Barriers: Human mobility and Development” has been widely acknowledged as a path-breaking study on human movement. Shattering the many myths around migration, the report concludes that most migration is in fact beneficial, and calls for supporting policies to ease barriers to free movement. Senior Assistant Country Director, UNDP, K. Seeta Prabhu. discusses the report with The Hindu For...

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For a better life by TK Rajalakshmi

The United Nations’ Human Development Report of 2009 paints an idyllic picture of migrations. THE recently released United Nations Development Report-2009, titled “Overcoming Barriers: Human Mobility and Development”, presents a strong case for governments all over the world to encourage human mobility. Migrations, including those of low-skilled workforce, pay dividends all round, the report says. However, it does not quite attempt to seriously understand why people migrate, sometimes subjecting themselves...

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