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It's time to move away from paddy-wheat cropping cycle to end air pollution

  Air quality in North India in general and Delhi National Capital Region (Delhi NCR) in particular plunged to its lowest point in recent years during October-November thanks to a variety of factors. Through media reports one comes to know that stubble burning (also called paddy straw burning/ crop residue burning) is chiefly responsible for the public health crisis in India's capital and its nearby regions. Data accessed from the website...

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Unemployment at nearly 10%, among youth it's 28% -Subodh Varma The ongoing economic slowdown will increase Joblessness further as not only are jobs being lost, no new jobs are being created. While some leaders of the present government are blithely going about giving the world supposed lessons on how to govern, as Narendra Modi did at the UN General Assembly, and some others are busy handing out concessions to domestic and foreign corporates, the people in India are getting strangled by...

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Modi govt gives Rs.1.45 lakh crore gift to corporates -Subodh Varma This bounty for corporate houses comes at a time when common people are reeling under a slowdown, Joblessness is at record levels and incomes are stagnating. Continuing her series of press conferences, that are becoming like a treasure hunt for corporates, finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced today that corporate tax rates will be slashed from the current 30% (average) to 25.17% including all cess/surcharge. Actually, if no other concession is availed...

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The problem of skilling India -Christophe Jaffrelot & Vihang Jumle

-The Indian Express India’s employment crisis calls for more government expenditure in education, adequate training. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his recent Independence Day speech, said, “We need to worry about population explosion”. These words stand in stark contrast to his previous references to India’s demographic dividend where the country’s population was seen as an asset. This shift reflects a new awareness, according to which demography brings a dividend only if...

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Adopt a green growth strategy to boost the sluggish automobile sector

Among the measures announced by the Union Finance & Corporate Affairs Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman on 23rd August, 2019 to arrest economic downturn, the following are noteworthy: * Allow Bharat Stage IV (BS-IV) vehicles (which are purchased till 31st March, 2020) to remain operational for the entire period of registration; * Government shall lift the ban on purchase of new vehicles for replacing all old vehicles by its various departments; *...

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