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Indian economy is heading for a K-shaped recovery and it won’t be a pretty sight -TN Ninan K-shaped recovery means the growing gap between ‘winners and losers’. An example in India is the stock market being healthy while millions have lost their jobs. Amidst the flood of commentary that followed the finding that the world’s fastest-growing large economy had become its fastest-shrinking one, an observation that stood out was that India’s growth potential had dropped from 6 per cent to 5 per cent. Now, it has been obvious...

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Listing LIC could make its investments riskier -Aunindyo Chakravarty

-The Tribune LIC is India’s biggest stock-market investor. Once listed, it might be tempted to increase its exposure to equities. We know what that did to India’s most popular mutual fund in the late 1990s. UTI’s US-64 collapsed because it had made too many risky investments. Most of 20 crore small investors never recovered investments A few years ago, I was part of a jury to select the best businesses in India...

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'Education is a right, not privilege': IIMC students protest against high course fee

-Outlook India/ PTI Students say some of them have to leave the course midway because of the 'unaffordable' fees. Students of Indian Institute of Mass Communication on Tuesday agitated against the "unaffordable" fee structure, as the resistance against high cost of education spread from  Delhi's Jawaharlal Nehru University to its neighbouring Journalism school. The students have said that the administration has turned a "blind eye" to their issues. Please click here to read more....

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In the national media conference, media practitioners take pledge to uphold positive values in digital communications

-Press release of 4th All India Media Conference, dated 8 October, 2019 Udaipur, Oct. 8: More than 300 media practitioners, researchers, scholars and educationists from different states of India and from four foreign countries took a pledge to empower the underprivileged sections of society by ending the digital divide and create new opportunities to highlight the issues of common people, rural areas, landless labourers, malnourished children and farmers affected by climate...

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All India Media Conference 2019 will also organise walkathon in Udaipur for awareness on child rights

-Press release by All India Media Conference 2019   New Delhi, September 9, 2019: The fourth edition of All India Media Conference 2019 has come up with a new initiative to promote violence free childhood by organizing Walkathon at Udaipur, celebrating 30 years of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and 70 years of UNICEF India. A walkathon will be organised to highlight Violence-Free Childhood along the banks of...

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