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The limits of MSP -Ashok Gulati & Tirtha Chatterjee

-The Indian Express Instead of fiddling with procurement prices, government must devise an income policy for farmers. Speaking at the 37th foundation day celebrations of the NABARD, Arun Jaitley gave food for thought to the audience when he said, “If there is any area in the economy where we can give an example to the world and to ourselves of cooperative federalism, it is the agriculture sector. It can benefit people more...

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Reform agriculture marketing systems to address farm distress -Sudipto Mundle The actual determination of MSP is driven by a ‘business as usual’ practice of incremental increases in line with past trend, combined with the political need for ‘look good’ optics The recent increase in the minimum support prices (MSP) for major Kharif Crops has reignited the debate about food price policy. Some analysts believe that the increase has been excessive, that it will push up inflation, both directly and also indirectly...

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The MSP Illusion -Ajay Vir Jakhar

-The Indian Express Raising procurement prices of Kharif Crops will only give false hope to farmers. Has the winter of farmers’ discontent turned into a glorious summer by the significant hike in minimum support price (MSP) for Kharif Crops announced two weeks ago? The hike is unlikely to stem the rural unrest that is gnawing into the ruling alliance’s votebank. The PM has had to personally defend the government’s programmes that have...

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Hike in MSP is political, say farmers -Sreenivasa Rao Dasari

-Deccan Chronicle Seek a state-level intervention corporation. Hyderabad: The latest decision of the Centre to enhance minimum support price (MSP) for 14 crops has triggered a fresh debate on the cost of production and the procurement mechanism. Farmers say that the increase in MSP was a mere political decision and nothing has happened in reality, while agriculture experts agree that lack of consensus and clarity on support price is further adding to...

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MSP For One Third of Total Production. What About the Rest? -Subodh Varma Govt. buys only about one third of the total rice and wheat produced and MSP is paid for that only. The recent announcement of Minimum Support Prices for 14 Kharif Crops including paddy and many coarse grains has been met with a frenzy of self-congratulation by the Modi govt. and the BJP, egged on by an embarrassingly sycophantic mainstream media. Many have however pointed out that the declared MSP is...

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