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Labour Laws Perform a Redistributive Function. Diluting Them Has Serious Consequences. -Rashmi Venkatesan In a world that is already grappling with crippling inequalities, weak labour market institutions will only further cause economic divisions. The three labour codes passed in the Lok Sabha last Tuesday are the latest in a long line of Labour Law Reforms that have been enacted recently and will almost certainly be followed by more in the future. All these ‘reforms’ have one objective in mind – to dismantle labour rights...

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Ensuring occupational health and safety of mine workers

Nearly 24 fatal accidents and 47 serious accidents have happened in various coal mines of the country during this year till 31st August. Likewise, 18 fatal accidents and 13 serious accidents have taken place in non-coal mines during the same time period. The accident figures are low this year in comparison to the previous ones thanks to a lower demand for output from these mines against the backdrop of COVID-19...

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Briefing Note for Parliamentarians on Labour Law Reforms

-Press release by Working Peoples' Charter dated 21st September, 2020 Amidst the micro and macro-economic crisis of the last 5 years, the union government has aggressively pushed the agenda of Labour Law Reforms -- purportedly to simplify India’s ‘complex’ labour legislations, improve the business environment, and augment growth and employment. These changes, driven primarily by the business fraternity, have been aimed at improving India’s ranking in the ‘Ease of Doing Business’...

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Punjab Latest to Effect Labour Reforms; ‘Race to the Bottom’ in Labour Standards, Says Expert -Ronak Chhabra Sundar believes this will result in the creation of “regional labour markets”, which will lead to “a race to reach the bottom of labour standards” among the states. The Congress-led Punjab government will soon bring an ordinance and become the latest state to effect Labour Law Reforms, including eased retrenchment norms in the state, in a move that can be seen as following in the BJP’s footsteps to jump ranks in...

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Central Government’s Push Behind Suspension of Labour Rights in States? -Ayaskant Das It is noteworthy that rights of workers have been suspended despite Prime Minister Narendra Modi exhorting employers during the initial phase of the lockdown period not to cut down jobs. New Delhi: Over the past week, various states, including those ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as well as those ruled by non-BJP political parties, are being held squarely responsible for drastic suspension of labour laws in the midst of...

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