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Informal sector workers don’t have the privilege to stay at home & work online in the time of COVID-19

After the outbreak of COVID-19 in China during early January this year and its dissemination globally within a few days, health experts have suggested ways to check its spread exponentially among the rest of the population. In the age of internet connectivity, work-from-home and self-isolation have been advised as solutions to ensure social distancing and avoid large-scale social gatherings. Experts have asked governments and private enterprises to keep people at...

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The corporate tax cut could undermine the promise to cap the fiscal deficit

-The Telegraph A low tax regime is not enough; investors need to see demonstrable action to ease the pangs of doing business in India A wave of euphoria has swept through industry and stock markets since the finance minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, announced a sharp cut in corporate tax to an effective rate of 25.17 per cent. The effective tax rate will now go down sharply from a high of 34.94 per cent,...

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Draft social security code: Will it help informal workers? -Sharmila Kantha

-Ideas for India Labour law reform is considered as a key requirement for creation of new jobs as well as greater formalisation of existing jobs in India. In March this year, the Ministry of Labour and Employment brought out the draft social security code to amalgamate several Central labour laws and extend employment security to all workers. In this article, Sharmila Kantha discusses the positive features and practical aspects of the...

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RBI says no notes shortage, outside Delhi hundreds face job losses -Malini Nair

-IANS Around 8.30 every morning, hundreds of workers arrive at the main bus depot in Noida Phase II, about 30 km from New Delhi. They fan out into the lanes of the neighbouring hosiery complex. With nothing more than a tiffin box in their hands, they begin their daily job hunt. Almost every factory gate has a board proclaiming "Avashyakta hai (wanted)". It lists the daily requirement of jobbers-tailors, finishers, 'pressmen' (as...

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Labour's love's lost -TT Ram Mohan

-The Hindu The proposed labour reforms seek to weaken worker protection at a time when the Indian economy is not creating enough jobs, and the right kind of jobs. On September 2, 10 trade unions in India organised what was said to be one of the largest labour strikes in history. An estimated 120 million workers took part. The unions were protesting against the government’s unwillingness to grant a 12-point charter of...

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