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Righting wrongs in Land Acquisition -Jairam Ramesh & Muhammad Khan

-The Hindu A Supreme Court Bench will decide whether the law has to be interpreted expansively or in a narrow sense In July 2011, the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government embarked on an ambitious project to rewrite the law on Land Acquisition. How the government acquired land from private parties had long been the subject of heated dispute, often resulting in violent conflict. Several previous governments had made attempts to amend the Land...

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Ravi Chopra, Environmentalist and water management expert, interviewed by Arif Hussain ( Environmentalist and water management expert Ravi Chopra says river inter-linking will sow the seeds for future conflicts between states. There is nothing new about the proposed river-interlinking project being pushed by the government, and this ‘unnecessary excess’ of a project will create more problems than it promises to solve, says environmentalist and water management expert, Dr Ravi Chopra, the director of People’s Science Institute, Dehradun and a managing trustee of the...

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United by a common purpose -Suhrith Parthasarathy

-The Hindu The Constitution Bench in the Land Acquisition case must show us that the court still respects rules of precedent Entrenched in our commitment to a rule of law is what lawyers describe as stare decisis. That is, in plain English, a promise to stand by things decided, to respect and honour precedent. Today, with the Supreme Court seized by a maelstrom of crises, this principle stands deeply undermined. At first,...

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Green Paper on Farmers, Farming & Rural Economy 2018: 4 Years - 4 Budgets: What Has This Central Government Delivered?

According to the document entitled Green Paper on Farmers, Farming & Rural Economy 2018: 4 Years - 4 Budgets: What Has This Central Government Delivered?, which has been prepared by Jai Kishan Andolan, Swaraj India, ASHA and Rythu Swarajya Vedika (published on 30 January, 2018): Far from giving farmers and farming ‘the highest priority’ during a period when they most needed the governmental support, the present NDA government has tried to...

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Yogendra Yadav, others release green paper on Indian agriculture

-The Financial Express Yogendra Yadav’s Swaraj India and some other organisations have released a ‘green paper’ on the status of Indian agriculture and termed the current government ‘most anti-farmer’. According to the ‘green paper’, the government reneged on its core and solemn promise of revising MSP on the cost plus 50% formula, by solemnly affirming in the Supreme Court that this formula suggested by the National Farmers’ Commission and also promised...

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