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Right to Food Campaign opposes all the three farm bills passed by the Parliament

-Press release by the Right to Food Campaign dated 26th September, 2020 The Right to Food Campaign opposes all these three farm bills passed by the Parliament and urges the President of India to not give his approval to these bills. The Right to Food Campaign believes that the Union Government instead of protecting the rights of farmers by giving appropriate price for farm produce, strengthening Mandis and ensuring a system...

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Gujarat: Of Death Knells and Suicide in Surat’s Diamond Industry -Damayantee Dhar The financial crisis in the diamond industry in Surat has claimed the lives of 16 workers who have died by suicide. Earlier this month, an association president ended his life as well. Darshanbhai Rameshbhai Chaudhary, a diamond polisher by profession, had not had a job for four months. Day after day, he would stand at the diamond polishing hub in the Varacha area of Surat in the hope of being hired...

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Although govt. avoids providing data on the impact of COVID-19 lockdown, timely intervention by a civil society group working among migrants fills the info gap

-Press Release by Stranded Workers Action Network (SWAN), dated 15th September, 2020 In a recent press release, the Stranded Workers Action Network (SWAN) has revealed that around 971 persons have died during the course of the various lockdowns, as of 4th July 2020. It has also provided the key findings of some recent studies that saw the impact of lockdown and Covid-19 on Livelihood security and food security.   To a question...

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Delhi Slum Eviction: 'COVID-19 Took Away Everything, Now Roof Being Taken Away Too' -Gaurav Saini The Supreme Court had on August 31 ordered the removal of 48,000 slum dwellings along railway tracks in Delhi within three months. New Delhi: The COVID-19 pandemic took away her family’s Livelihood and now 48-year-old Veeramma fears she will lose her roof in the wake of the Supreme Court ordering the removal of 48,000 slum dwellings along railway tracks in Delhi. “My husband was born here. My son was born here. My...

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Most unmet demand in MGNREGA work has been found in Uttar Pradesh (27%), Madhya Pradesh (22%) and Bihar (20%), finds People's Action for Employment Guarantee

-Press Note by People's Action for Employment Guarantee dated September 10th, 2020 MGNREGA during the pandemic and beyond: Implementation highlights, concerns and questions and demands for parliamentarians We are confronting an unprecedented crisis in the history of modern India. On the one hand, the increasing number of COVID cases point to a dubious distinction for India on the world stage. On the other hand, the unplanned lockdown has resulted in a massive...

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