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MGNREGA : A case for rural regeneration -Debmalya Nandy

-The Telegraph The economic distress caused by unilaterally imposed Lockdowns has brought the focus back on the rural job programme Narendra Modi’s cocky statement in Parliament in 2015 about the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act being a monumental failure of the Congress regime may have been a political jibe, but it showed that the government had no intention of boosting a programme which, since its inception, has suffered from the...

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Why rural consumption may not drive up growth -Sanjay Kumar Rural India was battling economic difficulties even before the pandemic. The pandemic-induced Lockdown increased hardships even further. The historic contraction in India’s gross domestic product (GDP) figure for the June-ended quarter has raised several questions on what the future holds, and what that contraction has meant for ordinary people. Macro-economic statistics can often fail to capture the diverse realities of a country as large as India, and hence it is useful...

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Tackling malnutrition in times of COVID-19: How Odisha managed this juggling act -Amar Patnaik While Odisha was being considerably ranked low in many indices at the national level, the most important feature of the state government during the current time has been the dynamic and evolving governance structure India is home to half of the wasted children (those with a low weight for their height) globally, according to the recent Global Nutrition Report 2020. Moreover, more than a third (37.9 percent) of our children under...

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Lack of livelihood pushes returned migrants back to cities -Anhad Imaan Lakhs of rural Rajasthan migrants returned easily during Lockdown since they worked in neighboring Gujarat. However, with no local employment avenues, the urban exodus would start again Udaipur (Rajasthan): Naresh from Kalunda village in the Gogunda region of Udaipur district works at a furniture factory in Rajkot in the neighboring state of Gujarat. He stays in Rajkot for up to eight months a year, earning a salary of Rs 8,000 per...

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Job losses among SCs were three times higher than for upper castes: Economist Ashwini Deshpande -Shreehari Paliath

-India Spend/ Reservations are not the answer to every social and economic problem. More needs to be done to provide safety nets to vulnerable groups. About 10 crore to 12 crore Indians lost their jobs in the immediate aftermath of the countrywide Lockdown to contain the spread of Covid-19, IndiaSpend reported in April. But the Lockdown has impacted the disadvantaged caste groups with a far greater magnitude than the upper castes, found...

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