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Lynchings, migrant deaths, student suicides: 20 things Union govt doesn't have data on In the season of ‘no data available’ TNM lists an exhaustive number of things that the Union Government claims it has no data on. After the Union Government’s response of ‘no data available’ to several questions in the parliament, the way in which the country’s official statistics and data is being managed has come into question.  While it has become fodder for many memes, the dearth of data, either due to...

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Covid 19: Pastoralism under shadows of fear

-GoI Monitor Herders faced discrimination and hardships in managing seasonal migrations Jaga Vashraam Rabari of Vrajvani village in Kutch migrates every summer with his herd of animals for eight months. Villagers in Pattan, around 300 km from home, usually invite and welcome his group but this time, they were not allowed to enter the villages due to rumours around COVID 19. “The presence of police personnel also scared us and our mobility was seriously...

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A session marked by govt’s stock reply: It has no data -Sindhu Bhattacharya Crucial questions such as on migrants, farmers and jobs remain in ‘suspended animation’ as a parliamentary panel takes a dim view of govt’s inability to present a clear view of nation’s socio-economic indicators The ongoing monsoon session of Parliament has been in the news more for the government hiding behind its stock reply — lack of data – than for legislating. Many questions have remained just that. These involved the number of...

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Joblessness woes fade away in rural India; unemployment falls to below pre-pandemic levels -Samrat Sharma

-Financial Express The latest figure shows that the joblessness in the rural areas is now lower than the pre-pandemic levels. The unemployment rate in rural India significantly fell to 5.21 per cent in the last week, according to CMIE’s weekly employment data. The latest figure shows that the joblessness in the rural areas is now lower than the pre-pandemic levels. Though the rising number of jobs plays a major role in reducing...

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Briefing Note for Parliamentarians on Labour Law Reforms

-Press release by Working Peoples' Charter dated 21st September, 2020 Amidst the micro and macro-economic crisis of the last 5 years, the union government has aggressively pushed the agenda of labour law reforms -- purportedly to simplify India’s ‘complex’ labour legislations, improve the business environment, and augment growth and employment. These changes, driven primarily by the business fraternity, have been aimed at improving India’s ranking in the ‘Ease of Doing Business’...

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