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The Lockdown Revealed the Extent of Poverty and Misery Faced by Migrant Workers -Arabinda K. Padhee, Basanta K. Kar and Pranab R Choudhury This lockdown hunger is not the only worry. Post-COVID, access to safe and nutritious foods would be uncertain if adequate policy measures are not taken. The COVID-19 pandemic has further worsened India’s hunger and Malnutrition woes, more so for the millions of informal workers, on their way back home or struggling to meet two ends in their urban and rural homes. Their embedded informality over labour, land and housing tenure has...

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Fight against hunger disrupted by coronavirus-induced recession -Jagriti Chandra

-The Hindu Between 8.3 crore and 13 crore people globally are likely to go hungry this year. Between 8.3 crore and 13 crore people globally are likely to go hungry this year due to the economic recession triggered by coronavirus (COVID-19), warns the State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World (SOFI) 2020 report. Estimates drawn from data available till March 2020 show that almost 69 crore people went hungry in 2019...

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Odisha set to introduce locally produced millets into ICDS, PDS -Chinmayi Shalya

-Down to Earth Keonjhar district will introduce ragi for pre-school meals through DMF funds from July Locally cultivated ragi will be part of the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) scheme for the first time in Odisha, with Keonjhar district introducing it as part of the pre-school meal from July 2020 onwards. Additionally, 14 districts — a part of the state’s Millet Mission — will provide ragi through the public distribution system (PDS)...

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Mitigating Malnutrition -Dr. Pavitra Mohan and Dr Sanjana Brahmawar Mohan In response to the food crisis created by the lockdown, here’s what anganwadis can do to ensure that children stay nourished in times of COVID-19 and beyond. Two-year old Rameela* lives in Nayaghar, 100 km from Udaipur and 35 km from the nearest town. For nearly three months now, Rameela has received a tiffin every morning, filled with sattu (a porridge made from cereals, pulses, sugar, and oil) and khichdi (a...

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Why Women, Children In Rajasthan’s Tribal Belts Are Facing Hunger -Rajat Kumar and Priyanka Yadav

-India Spend Dungarpur: Hunger and Malnutrition are likely to become more acute among young children and pregnant and lactating women in Rajasthan’s tribal belt as community health workers, who deliver public nutrition schemes, struggle with the food shortages caused by the ongoing lockdown, our field report shows. The delivery of food and ration kits for vulnerable social groups has also been impacted by the extra load of COVID-19 duties assigned to the...

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