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Mitigating Malnutrition -Dr. Pavitra Mohan and Dr Sanjana Brahmawar Mohan In response to the food crisis created by the lockdown, here’s what anganwadis can do to ensure that children stay nourished in times of COVID-19 and beyond. Two-year old Rameela* lives in Nayaghar, 100 km from Udaipur and 35 km from the nearest town. For nearly three months now, Rameela has received a tiffin every morning, filled with sattu (a porridge made from cereals, pulses, sugar, and oil) and khichdi (a...

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Why Women, Children In Rajasthan’s Tribal Belts Are Facing Hunger -Rajat Kumar and Priyanka Yadav

-India Spend Dungarpur: Hunger and Malnutrition are likely to become more acute among young children and pregnant and lactating women in Rajasthan’s tribal belt as community health workers, who deliver public nutrition schemes, struggle with the food shortages caused by the ongoing lockdown, our field report shows. The delivery of food and ration kits for vulnerable social groups has also been impacted by the extra load of COVID-19 duties assigned to the...

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Bharat's lockdown diet is boiled rice, salt -Sayantan Bera * A ground report reveals pervasive hunger and undernourishment in rural India awash with returning migrants * Just providing rice and wheat at a highly subsidized price may not be enough when day jobs are scant and families have no cash in hand BANDA: Thanks to an all-familiar power cut in the evening, it’s pitch dark in Jhandupurva village. A few torch lights from smart phones pierce through the darkness and illuminate...

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Re-imagining food systems crucial for climate, economic resilience: Nutrition report -Chinmayi Shalya

-Down to Earth Novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic pushes government to act on reforms of food systems with urgency Food systems must be inclusive, local and diverse to address food security and Malnutrition and build economic and climate resilience, according to the latest 2020 Global Nutrition Report. The report — released by the Stakeholder group — placed equity as the cornerstone of all efforts to overcome global Malnutrition and insisted on policy...

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India may miss nutrition targets

-The Hindu Global Nutrition Report says it has highest rates of inequalities in Malnutrition. India is among 88 countries that are likely to miss global nutrition targets by 2025, according to the Global Nutrition Report 2020 released on Tuesday. It also identified the country as one with the highest rates of domestic inequalities in Malnutrition. In 2012, the World Health Assembly identified six nutrition targets for maternal, infant and young child nutrition to...

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