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Right to food: The politics of vegetarianism in India -Abhirup Dam

-The Telegraph With Malnutrition levels as bad as sub-Saharan African countries, a vegetarian diet is just an imposition for Indians Indian cuisine is not a homogenous entity, and food habits differ along regional, religious, caste, and class lines. Yet there is an assumption in dominant discourses that India is a vegetarian nation. According to Dr Veena Shatrugna, former Director, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderbad, contrary to any such assumption, about 80 per...

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UNICEF suggests recipes for healthy children

-PTI UNICEF releases booklet on how to tackle problems of underweight, obesity and anaemia among children From uttapam to sprouted dal parantha - a book by UNICEF tells how to tackle problems of underweight, obesity and anaemia among children by consuming nutritious food that costs less than Rs.20. The book has been based on the findings of the Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey 2016-18 which found that 35 per cent of children under...

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The scourge of hunger and Malnutrition

-Economic and Political Weekly Policies ensuring food security and nutrition support require a renewed focus and sense of urgency. It is a national shame that, even several decades after independence, the country has not been able to free itself from the problem of hunger and Malnutrition that endangers the life and health of the population, especially that of children, women, and vulnerable groups. The global hunger index (GHI) published this year has...

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Almost all adolescents in India are malnourished: UNICEF -Neetu Chandra Sharma * The report said that over 80% of adolescents also suffer from ‘hidden hunger’, i.e. the deficiency of one or more micronutrients * The report, ‘Adolescents, Diets and Nutrition: Growing Well in a Changing World’, is based on the recently released CNNS Almost all adolescents in India take unhealthy or poor diets leading to one or the other form of Malnutrition in them, revealed a UNCIEF report released on Thursday in association...

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One in every four TB cases is from India, show a recent international report

The newly released Global Tuberculosis Report 2019 finds that among the five risk factors behind TB cases in the country, undernourishment posed the greatest risk. Close to 7 lakh TB cases in India could be attributable to undernourishment during 2018. The other four risk factors behind TB cases were alcohol consumption (around 3 lakh TB cases), smoking (nearly 2 lakh TB cases), diabetes (more than 1 lakh TB cases) and...

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