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MP govt plans to add eggs in anganwadi meals, Oppn hits out -Milind Ghatwai

-The Indian Express Women and Child Development Minister Imarti Devi on Wednesday said the government was planning to introduce eggs in anganwadi meals to fight Malnutrition. Bhopal: The Congress government on Wednesday indicated that it would include eggs in meals served to children at anganwadis, drawing a sharp reaction from the Opposition BJP. Women and Child Development Minister Imarti Devi on Wednesday said the government was planning to introduce eggs in anganwadi...

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What Is the effective delivery mechanism of food support in India? A demand-side assessment of alternative apparatus -Mamata Pradhan, Devesh Roy and Vinay Sonkar

-Economic and Political Weekly The public distribution system is the cornerstone of anti-poverty initiatives in India to address the issue of hunger and Malnutrition, but is plagued with leakages and corruption. Though several possible reasons account for these problems, one factor that is generally overlooked is the lack of assessment of the preference of the beneficiaries in terms of product portfolio, selection, and delivery mechanisms. Through a mixed methods analysis across...

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We need to ask why India lags behind its neighbours in combating hunger, Malnutrition -Harsh Mander

-The Indian Express Among all the countries included in the report, India has the highest rate of child wasting (which rose from the 2008-2012 level of 16.5 per cent to 20.8 per cent). Its child stunting rate (at 37.9 per cent) also remains shockingly high. The abiding disgrace of new India is that despite unprecedented quantities of wealth and the vulgar ostentation which has become customary in the gaudy glitter of...

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India's TB report must be seen in light of the country's slide in Hunger Index -Shah Alam Khan

-The Indian Express With a virtually unregulated private health system, an increase in notification of TB patients could be heartening for the government. But for the public health system, it is bad news. Over the last month or so, we saw some important documentation on India’s public health. The Annual India Tuberculosis (TB) report was released by the government on September 26. India is now home to about a quarter of...

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India and its unhealthy children -Rukmini S Affluent states like Gujarat are failing to ensure their poorer children have a decent diet and that the richer ones are protected from lifestyle diseases India’s healthiest children live in its north-eastern states and Kerala, an analysis of a new national survey conducted by the government shows, but children in these states are also at greater risk of ‘lifestyle diseases’. However, some of the most affluent states - particularly Gujarat, Maharashtra...

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