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Official Panel Sees ‘Western Bias’ in India’s Low Press Freedom Rank But Wants Defamation Decriminalised -Sukanya Shantha ‘Index Monitoring Cell’ member P. Sainath distances himself from ‘draft’ report, submits separate note. Mumbai: A committee set up by the Narendra Modi government last year to suggest ways of India improving its ranking in the World Press Freedom Index has concluded that the media is doing well and that India’s poor score – which it says is “not in line with the ground situation” – is the product of “western...

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Amartya Sen said no democracy, with a free press, has ever had major famines -Lawrence Hamilton In ‘How To Read Amartya Sen’, Lawrence Hamilton writes on the economist’s thrust on free press and public reasoning as the centre of a democracy. Amartya Sen is very clear that one of the central features of democracies which advance public reasoning in the world is support for a free and independent press. Unrestrained and healthy media are, he argues, important for five main reasons, the first four of which are: 1....

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Reclaiming the Republic: Civil society group sets agenda for poll

-The Hindu Invites political parties for discussion; Congress, RJD and NCP agree to participate so far As political parties prepare their election manifestos and promises, a group of civil society leaders and concerned citizens on Tuesday released a document, Reclaiming the Republic, which they hope will shape the political agenda in the run up to the Lok Sabha poll. The comprehensive list includes judicial and electoral reforms, repeal of laws which threaten personal...

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Editors Guild Slams Patna HC Gag Order on Muzaffarpur Shelter Abuse Case

-PTI The guild noted that the court, instead of protecting Media Freedom, has issued an order that has effectively curbed it. New Delhi: The Editors Guild of India today condemned a Patna high court order restraining the media from reporting on the probe into the Muzaffarpur shelter abuse case and appealed to its and Supreme Court’s chief justices to review the decision. In a statement, the media body said such restrictions on reporting...

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FMP condemns hate speech against journalists

-Press Note by Foundation for Media Professionals (FMP), dated 28 May, 2018 Mr Narendra Modi is perhaps the first Prime Minister of India to have not held a single press conference, four years at a stretch. This could not however have been unrelated to a series of events that raise fresh concerns about Media Freedom. The concerted online hate campaign against journalist Ms Rana Ayyub, and the circulation of a fake pornographic...

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