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Has Bangladesh’s economic rise taken the wind out of the NRC narrative? -Shoaib Daniyal The final NRC data seems to have belied myths about both the quantum of Migration from Bangladesh as well as the religious affilitation of the migrants. For more than five decades now, fear of Migration from Bangladesh (and earlier Pakistan’s East Bengal province) has influenced the politics of Assam. To justify this, very high estimates of numbers of Bangladeshi migrants have been put out in the public domain in India. In 1997,...

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Covid 19: Pastoralism under shadows of fear

-GoI Monitor Herders faced discrimination and hardships in managing seasonal Migrations Jaga Vashraam Rabari of Vrajvani village in Kutch migrates every summer with his herd of animals for eight months. Villagers in Pattan, around 300 km from home, usually invite and welcome his group but this time, they were not allowed to enter the villages due to rumours around COVID 19. “The presence of police personnel also scared us and our mobility was seriously...

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Climate Migration primarily in middle income, agri-dependent countries: Study -Akshit Sangomla

-Down to Earth Study can go long way in pinpointing future hot spots for climate-induced Migration Human Migration due to changing climate happens primarily in middle income and agricultural-dependent countries, a new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change on September 14, 2020, has said. The impacts of climate change that caused Migration of people were mainly changes in temperature, rainfall variability and rapid onset events like storms, cyclones and floods, the...

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Over three-fourth of workers lost their livelihoods since lockdown, finds ActionAid India's national survey of informal labourers

ActionAid Association's (AAA) national level survey among people dependent on the informal economy during the third phase of the national lockdown towards the end of May 2020 (i.e. between May 14th and May 22nd, 2020) has documented the "nature and extent of the transitions in the lives and livelihoods of informal workers, including migrant workers, during the pandemic and provide[s] an insight into the precarity they experience and the coping...

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Extreme weather: Understanding birds’ response can help conservation efforts

-Down to Earth All birds respond differently to different extreme weather events; long- and short-distance Migration bird species are impacted differently by climate change The efforts of conservationists in protecting birds can now be more efficiently directed towards those species that are found to suffer more due to extreme weather events linked to climate change, showed a recent study. All birds respond differently to different extreme weather events. The impact of different species...

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