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Prof. Reetika Khera interviewed by The Economic Times

Matter begins: What is the impact of the National Rural Employment Guarentee Act on rural wages? That is the question that the pundits are asking today. It's a query which feeds into a larger question. Six years have passed since NREGA became a legal reality. What is its village-level impact? It's a complex question to answer. NREGA undertakes to provide employment to anyone who asks for it. Which makes it...

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Slaving for their dowry by Kalpana Sharma

How the global garment industry is using regressive customs in Tamil Nadu, enabling it to exploit young women workers… Behind the smiling exterior of a fast-growing economy lie the tears and tragedies of women like these workers. Girls. Dowry. The two go together. No matter what you do to separate them, they somehow get conjoined, like twins that have remained connected in one body. We are told this is one of the...

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Undernutrition, poverty & NREGS by Raghbendra Jha, Raghav Gaiha & Manoj K Pandey

In the hue and cry over minimum wages under NREGS, battle lines have been drawn between those who favour central government hiking Minimum Wage Rates to the state minimum, and others asserting that the two must be delinked. While the former invoke 'a right to livelihood', the latter point to the NREGS being 'the employer of the last resort and the imperative of better targeting'. While these views have some merit,...

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Can Centre fix NREGS wages in isolation? by M Rajshekhar

Sometime this month, Justice N Ramamohana Rao of the Andhra Pradesh High Court will deliver a verdict that will directly impact earnings of the 114 million people who work under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS), the Central government's work guarantee programme. The verdict will also indirectly impact earnings of the 400 million workers and labourers who toil in India's factories and fields for 'minimum wages'. The question Justice Rao...

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Beneficiaries may not get arrears by NJ Nair

Loss due to MGNREGS wage revision put at Rs.9.8 crore Revised rate below the rate fixed by the State Centre ignored State's plea for wage parity About 9.8 lakh beneficiaries of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) are unlikely to get arrears at the revised Minimum Wage Rate of Rs.150 fixed by the Centre from January 1. The loss on this score has been estimated at about Rs.9.8 crore. A Union Rural...

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