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National Population Register: Questionnaire is being finalised, says Registrar General of India -Vijaita Singh

-The Hindu “The Hindu”, in a query filed under the RTI Act, sought information on the expected date of the first phase of Census 2021 and an update of the NPR. The office of the Registrar General of India (RGI) has said the schedule or the questionnaire of the National Population Register (NPR) is “being finalised” and the information about the expected date of first phase of Census 2021 is “not available.” The...

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NPR: house-to-house verification planned -Vijaita Singh

-The Hindu Data on parents’ place of birth to be gathered; register already has data of 119 crore residents The Narendra Modi government proposes to update the existing National Population Register, which already has an electronic database of more than 119 crore residents, by verifying the details of all respondents through house-to-house enumeration, according to an official manual on conducting the fresh NPR exercise. The NPR exercise has become controversial because the Citizenship...

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Faizan Mustafa: Which Documents Will be Required for the NRIC?

-ICF Team/ At the moment, the looming NPR process betokens a loss of liberty to Indians whether through their inclusion as citizens or their exclusion as illegal immigrants. Dismissing Amit Shah’s statement that the process for the registration of citizens is yet to be worked out, Prof Faizan Mustafa warns that the data collected for the National Population Register (NPR) under Census 2020 will later be used for the National...

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Data from various international & national sources contradict the narrative that immigrants & refugees have flooded the country in recent years

Against the backdrop of National Register of Indian Citizens (NRIC), which is expected to be conducted nationwide, there are media reports about detention centres being constructed in various parts of the country. Although media reports indicate the Government denying any connection between NRIC and National Population Register, a reply to unstarred question no 4380 (to be answered on 21st April 2015 in the Lok Sabha) by the Minister of State...

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Explained: What connects the NPR, NRIC and Census? -K Venkataramanan

-The Hindu * How is the National Population Register compiled? How is it related to citizenship and the decennial census? And, can States refuse cooperation with the NPR process? The story so far: As protests spread all across the country against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), 2019 and the proposed National Register of Indian Citizens (NRIC), West Bengal and Kerala suspended work related to the preparation and update of the National Population...

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