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Family farming to help provide good food for all

-Deccan Chronicle Chennai: "With an estimated 8 billion mouths to feed by 2025, achieving zero hunger by that deadline is indeed challenging and this calls for arriving at precise solutions, particularly in ensuring access to nutritious food, not calories alone," said Dr M.S. Swaminathan, founder chairman of the M S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF), Chennai. "Family farming offers an effective and economic solution to help meet the challenge of making sure that...

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South Asia conference on nutrition in Delhi held amid controversy -Jyotsna Singh

-Down to Earth Civil society organisations claim private companies like Pepsi and Coca Cola are funding agencies partnering Indian health ministry The two-day South Asia conference on nutrition, currently on in Delhi, began on a controversial note on Wednesday. Some of the public health experts attending the conference under the aegis of Alliance Against Conflict of Interest (AACI) objected to the Indian health ministry hosting the event in collaboration with agencies funded...

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Socio-economic Backwardness Increases Vulnerability to Climate Change: Evidence from Uttar Pradesh -Amarnath Tripathi

-Institute of Economic Growth This study tries to assess the vulnerability to climate change of farmers in Uttar Pradesh (UP), a state in India. The study chose UP for its importance in India's food and Nutrition Security programme and its high sensitivity to climate change. It uses 17 environmental and socio-economic factors to see which districts of UP are the most vulnerable to climate change, and attempts to identify the factors...

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Necessary changes

-The Business Standard   Seize the chance to improve the food security Act Now that the National Food Security Act is set to be amended to give states more time to implement the legislation, several of its flaws should be re-examined and the Act suitably amended. The immediate need for an amendment arose because the deadline of a year for its enforcement in all states (that is, by July 5, 2014) was, oddly,...

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Chennai to host Asia-Pacific conference on family farming

-The Hindu   The regional consultation was organised by MSSRF in partnership with FAO Global experts will gather in Chennai for an Asia Pacific Conference for the International Year of Family Farming to emphasise the importance of diversified cropping patterns and integrated farming. "In the atmosphere of need to shift from food to Nutrition Security, the International Year of Family Farming provides a unique opportunity towards achieving this at the national and global level,"...

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