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Study points towards hunger and destitution amidst hope for a V-shaped economic recovery

Preliminary findings of a survey among 3,994 respondents from 11 states reveal that most vulnerable households and communities, such as SCs, STs, OBCs, PVTGs, slum dwellers, daily wage labourers, farmers, single women headed households, etc. continue to witness depressed incomes during September-October in comparison to their income levels prior to the lockdown. The face-to-face survey conducted by the Right to Food Campaign and Center for Equity Studies (instead of telephonic...

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MGNREGA workers in Jharkhand demand increase in wages and number of days of guaranteed work

-Press release by NREGA Watch (Jharkhand) dated 2nd February, 2019 Thousands of NREGA workers across Jharkhand spilled to the streets today to express their anger at the continued denial of their entitlements. In over 30 blocks of the state, workers raised their voice against the abysmal wage rate, acute shortage of work, increasing delays in payment of wages, and violation of several other rights. They also demanded work and submitted grievances...

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Invisible people: Aadhaar versus particularly vulnerable tribal groups -Jean Dreze

-The Telegraph Many families depend on two entitlements for survival: social security pensions and rations from the public distribution system Particularly vulnerable tribal groups, earlier known as primitive tribal groups, are the sort of people you may never meet unless you take the trouble to look for them. In Jharkhand, they live in small hamlets scattered over the nooks and crannies of the state’s undulating forests. Without a purpose and some local...

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In Chhattisgarh, a Piece of Paper Is Coming in the Way of a Vulnerable Tribe's Rights -Ambika Kapoor and Vipul Paikra Incorrectly listed as 'Korwas' instead of 'Pahari Korwas' on caste certificates, members of the Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group continue to face roadblocks to schemes, subsidised healthcare and government jobs. Surguja (Chattisgarh): Sanak Sai, a nine-year-old Pahari Korwa from Chhattisgarh’s Govindpur village, met with an accident on May 28 while riding a bicycle. Suffering from a fractured jaw and a few broken teeth, he was referred to the district hospital for a...

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Tribals want govt to scrap 1979 order denying sterilisation access -Dipankar Ghose

-The Indian Express Baigas in court against order issued by govt of undivided MP Achanakmar: “THAK GAYI (I am tired),” says Ranichand Baiga, 26. She was married at 15, and in a tribe where non-surgical contraceptives are still unheard of, has since had eight children. Two, she says, died of illness. On her arm, outside her one-room home in the core zone of the Achanakmar Tiger Reserve, is her youngest son, Surya,...

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