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Covid 19: Pastoralism under shadows of fear

-GoI Monitor Herders faced discrimination and hardships in managing seasonal migrations Jaga Vashraam Rabari of Vrajvani village in Kutch migrates every summer with his herd of animals for eight months. Villagers in Pattan, around 300 km from home, usually invite and welcome his group but this time, they were not allowed to enter the villages due to rumours around COVID 19. “The presence of police personnel also scared us and our mobility was seriously...

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Taking the right approach to child labour in Indian pastoral communities -Aastha Maggu and Gazal Malik

-Deccan Herald Children’s participation in agricultural sub-sectors has become hazardous work. We need nuanced, cross-sectoral interventions to prevent child labour in Pastoralism. The Indian case for child labour in Pastoralism has been adequately overlooked, despite agriculture and its various branches being the largest employer of child labour. The Centre for Pastoralism estimates that there are 35 million pastoralists across India, with most of them living in austere and inhospitable regions, ranging from the...

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Suggested resources to understand the COVID-19 crisis better

These days a lot many articles, reports, documents, etc. are appearing in the public domain on Coronavirus infection and related issues. An attempt has been made in the present news alert to put together in one place some of the best articles, reports, blogs, webinars, podcasts, etc., which can be useful for our readers. We have divided the resources under various themes for the convenience of our readers and social media...

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How Pastoralists across India are Affected by the COVID-19 Lockdown & Solutions to Sustain Livelihoods

-Centre for Pastoralism, dated 20th April, 2020 There are an estimated 30-35 million pastoralists distributed across several states in the country. These communities manage a wide range of livestock, through long-distance migrations that often span multiple states. India’s wool, leather, meat and milk economies are directly or indirectly linked to these communities. This report attempts to capture core problems confronting these communities with the COVID lockdown and identifies solutions to help...

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Camel milk is gaining popularity. Could it be an alternative for dairy market? - Smitha Verma

-Financial Express From camelccino to camel milk chocolate, there’s no dearth of delicacies on offer. Camel milk is in the news. And hailing its virtue is none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Addressing a gathering of farmers in Anand, Gujarat, in October, Modi narrated how he was ridiculed for describing camel milk as nutritious once. It was during his stint as chief minister of Gujarat that he had tried promoting camel...

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