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Recovery from pandemic may take years. Government must invest in welfare projects -Nishtha Tewari

-The Indian Express The current scenario is ideal for policymakers and practitioners to drive home the importance of health spending and institutional development With the first batch of anti-COVID vaccines being rolled out, the mood of the nation seems to be upbeat as it bids farewell to the pain and anguish of last year. The emergency-use approval to the vaccine developed by Oxford University and the Swedish-British pharma major AstraZeneca, manufactured in...

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Travails of ASHA Workers During COVID-19 Call for Renewed Focus on Public Health -Deepanshu Mohan, Jignesh Mistry, Advaita Singh, Sunanda Mishra and Shivani Agarwal ASHA workers and other community healthcare workers have experienced extra working hours, loss of pay and social apathy during the pandemic. Walking into 2021, if there was one positive to be identified with the large-scale outbreak of a pandemic in 2020 in India, and the rest of the developing world, it would have been this: a primary focus given by most governments and their executive agencies to improve healthcare services and...

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Improving diet of low-income households only way to address chronic malnutrition -Veena S Rao

-The Indian Express Raising the diet of our people from subsistence level to higher levels of nourishment by overcoming the triple deficit is the only way to improve the nutritional indicators of our population — amongst children, adolescents and adults. It is nearly a month since the first phase of the NFHS-5 survey was published. While we await a response from the government or any policy-making authority, several articles by Public Health/policy...

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Healthcare: 5 Non-COVID Areas To Focus On In 2021 -Anoo Bhuyan Many health issues were neglected as COVID-19 hogged global attention in 2020. Apart from the COVID-19 vaccine, what other health issues should be in focus in 2021? New Delhi: COVID-19 demanded the single-minded focus of India's entire healthcare infrastructure all through 2020. In fact, the pandemic hogged so much attention across all aspects of our lives that most other issues of Public Health were put on the back-burner. Issues such as tackling...

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India’s hunt for the new Vision 2020 -Amir Ullah Khan With a slew of development targets getting pushed back to at least 2030, what visions and goals are realistic? The year 2020 was bleak. And while the calendar changes, things may not change all that much until the Public Health benefits of a mass vaccination campaign kicks in. Meanwhile, it is important to take stock of where India’s development dreams stand and where the country can go from here. Many visions and...

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