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Govt's Short-term Measures Will Fail To Reduce Precarity Of Migrant Workers -Apoorva Gupta and Balwant Singh Mehta

-Outlook India The short-term measures by the government to ensure the immediate safety, food and shelter for the migrants will fail to suffice in the long run as they do nothing to tackle the underlying causes that contribute to the systemic discrimination and deprivation of the migrants. The spread of novel Coronavirus has created its own spectrum of distress and turmoil for individuals across social groups around the world, but more for...

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How will India emerge out of the lockdown? -G Ananthakrishnan

-The Hindu An opening up has to be accompanied by an increase in relief budget for the most vulnerable After a 39-day lockdown, what will be the shape of things to come? How should one strike a balance between ensuring livelihoods, minimising strife, and maintaining social distancing? In a discussion moderated by G. Ananthakrishnan, Reetika Khera, and Giridhar R. Babu examine the options. Edited excerpts: * With less than a fortnight left for...

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These migrants did not walk back home. They stayed and are now running out of food -Vijayta Lalwani & Ipsita Chakravarty Falling through the cracks of the public distribution system, they fear stepping out, even for food. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a national lockdown on March 24 and asked Indians to stay home in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus, it triggered an exodus of migrant workers from the cities. With all work halted and Public Transport shut, they set off on desperate journeys, aiming to walk back...

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No transport and no money, migrants take long road home -Deep Mukherjee , Vaibhav Jha , Ananya Tiwari & Aishwarya Mohanty

-The Indian Express Left stranded by a nationwide lockdown, which has halted all Public Transport, hundreds of labourers devoid of work have started leaving big cities on foot. Ahmedabad, Jaipur, New Delhi, Vadodra: Antresh Kumar, 21, started walking at 3 am on Wednesday from Dharampuri in Najafgarh, South West Delhi. Facing the prospect of no work due to the 21-day lockdown, the daily wager decided that heading home to Moradabad in Uttar...

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COVID-19: Gujarat labourers, tribals forced to take 250 km-long journeys on foot -Rajeev Khanna

-Down to Earth The workers reportedly began their journey on March 23, 2020, with some accompanied by their wives, children   Thousands of migrant workers in Gujarat are undertaking long journeys to their native villages on foot. The workers, mostly tribals, travelled upwards of 250 kilometres, in the absence of Public Transport. Migrant workers are forced to take this step after the Union government initiated a janata (people’s) curfew and subsequently, a 21-day...

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