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A Question of Status by Tapan Raychaudhuri

There is a new excitement in the air concerning higher education. It has been decided by the powers that be, warmly supported by the academic community, that turning selected colleges into universities will open the gates to a Valhalla of knowledge. A commission entrusted with the qualitative improvement of higher education has recommended that on top of some 350 universities and/or equivalent institutions, another 1,500 will be created by upgrading...

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KEY TRENDS   • At the national level, the proportion of government schools having facilities like drinking water was 96.39 percent, boys' toilet was 94.64 percent, girls' toilet was 97.03 percent, boundary wall was 60.12 percent, playground was 56.98 percent, ramp was 71.50 percent, CWSN toilet was 19.59 percent, electricity was 56.45 percent and library was 79.36 percent, according to the Unified District Information System For Education (UDISE) 2017-18 (Provisional) *12   • ASER...

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Right to Education

KEY TRENDS  •    A survey study by CRY across 71 districts in 13 states during September-October 2012 to assess the implementation of RTE reveals that: a. 11% schools did not have toilets; b. Only 18% schools had separate toilets for girls; c. In 34% schools toilets were observed to be in bad condition or unusable; d. 20% schools did not have safe drinking water; e. 12% schools had a tap,...

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