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Political Economy of Agricultural Market Reforms: Analysis of the Farming Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Act, 2020 -Vikas Rawal, Suvidya Patel and Jesim Pais While the country is grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic and the economy is in doldrums, the central government, instead of taking measures to provide immediate relief to the distressed population, has used the opportunity to introduce sweeping changes in the regulatory framework of the agricultural marketing system of the country. On June 3, 2020, the Cabinet approved three ordinances. These ordinances were converted into Acts after they were passed, under...

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Indian Coordination Committee of Farmers Movements led by Yudhvir Singh calls for a nationwide bandh on 25th Sep. 2020

-Press release by Indian Coordination Committee of Farmers Movements dated 23rd September, 2020 ICCFM is a non-partisan national alliance of farmers movements representing 12 farmers' organizations across India based in UP, MP, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, and Haryana. Bharatiya Kisan Union, Karnataka State Farmers Association, Tamilaga Vivasayigal Sangham are among the major farmer movement. As with many other farmers organizations in this country, ICCFM is gravely worried about the anti-farmer bills...

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MILES TO GO… Organic and natural farming still have a lot of ground to cover in India, says new CSE report

-Centre for Science and Environment * Niti Aayog vice chairperson Rajiv Kumar releases the report, which provides the real picture of organic farming in India: only 2 per cent of India’s net sown area organically farmed, and a mere 1.3 per cent of farmers registered to do organic farming * Organic and natural farming must be upscaled to make Indian agriculture sustainable, says the report * Needs to be turned into a mass...

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Ways to ensure Remunerative Prices to farmers -A Amarender Reddy

-Down to Earth Several states have different levels of capabilities. Some states like Haryana and Punjab are historically in a better position to procure, while others like Bihar have limited capabilities Farmers’ protests about low harvest prices were a recurrent issue during the harvest period. A record harvest of paddy and other crops was expected during this harvest period. Market arrivals begin from October and end until December across India. Significant efforts from...

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To resolve the agrarian crisis, there is need for more public investment in agriculture, Remunerative Prices, and land reforms, among other things, say experts and activists during the Janata Parliament

-Press release by Jan Sarokar, dated 19th August, 2020 The agriculture session of the Janta Parliament was held earlier today. Please click here to acccess the press release related to the online session on agriculture that was held on 19th August, 2020. Please click here to watch the recorded session. In the session on agriculture, the speakers included Hannah Mollah from the All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS), Prof R Ramakumar from the...

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