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NSSO Survey: Only 39.1% of all Households have Drinking Water Within Dwelling, 46.7% of Rural Households use Firewood for Cooking

The National Sample Survey Organization's Multiple Indicator Survey - part of the 78th round - has revealed that only 39.1 percent of all Indian households have access to drinking water within the  dwelling. When it come to cooking, 46.7% of rural households use firewood.  These are some of the findings of the survey whose purpose was to collect data about the indicators of Sustainable Development Goals. Data was collected for households...

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Status of Policing in India Report 2023: Surveillance and the Question of Privacy

The Status of Policing Report in India 2023 (SPIR) was released on 31 March in New Delhi by Common Cause and Lokniti-Centre for the Study of Developing Societies. SPIR 2023 study explores public opinions and experiences regarding digital surveillance in India. Recent developments, such as the Supreme Court's recognition of the right to privacy and discussions surrounding data protection, have intensified debates around privacy and surveillance. The study also considers...

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Jharkhand Labourers Protest Against Lack of Work Under MGNREGA - Animesh Bisoee

The Telegraph Labourers from Jharkhand’s West Singhbhum district on Saturday staged a demonstration at a block after being denied work under the Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Act (MGNREGA) for the last few months. The mandate of the MGNREGA  is to provide at least 100 days of guaranteed wage employment in a  financial year to every rural household.  “Villagers from across all the 11 panchayats in the Sonua block have been complaining for the...

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Top 10% of Urban Indian Households has 7,517 Times the Assets of the Bottom Decile

The average value of assets (AVA) of the top ten percent of urban households in India is more than seven thousand five hundred times greater than what the bottom ten percent owns. The AVA of the top decile was Rs. 1.5 crores, while the lowest decile owned an average of Rs. 2,000 of assets. The data is part of the All India Debt and Investment Survey - 2019, the survey for...

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Real Wages Declined for Rural Indians in 2022, a Year When the Economy Somewhat Recovered

The year 2022 was supposed to mark the recovery of the Indian economy from the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns of the preceding two years. However, the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February pushed up prices of food, fuel and fertilizer worldwide. In India consumer price inflation, which had declined to under 5 percent in the September-November period of 2021, has steadily increased, staying above 6 percent throughout 2022.    What happened to rural incomes in 2022? An...

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