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#MeToo: Disenfranchised, Defenceless Rural Women Suffer Sexual Harassment in Silence -Archana Chandola

-TheCitizen.in81.3% of the female workforce in India out of the pale of the urban movementWhen Sumitra Devi, a resident of a remote village in Uttarakhand, has to collect fodder and firewood from the nearby forest, she is forced to travel in a group. The group provides her safety from wild animals, and more importantly, men. Going alone in the forest is a surefire recipe for inviting unwanted attention from men,...

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Country's non-income-based poverty level has fallen over the past 10 years, shows new report

For long, economists have argued among themselves whether income should be the only criterion for measuring poverty. After all, in real life a person can face multiple deprivations, say, in terms of access to education, health and living standards, among others. The multidimensional poverty index (MPI), which offers a valuable complement to traditional income-based poverty measures, was first introduced in the 2010 Human Development Report (HDR). The MPI looks at...

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India's progress against multidimensional poverty -Francine Pickup

-Livemint.comThere is a growing recognition among policymakers of the need for a multidimensional approach to assess deprivationThere's been some good news for India over the last month. Three different robust, credible measures of poverty have recorded a dramatic reduction in the incidence of poverty in India. The most straightforward of these, the World Bank's estimate of the number of people living on less than $1.90 per day on a purchasing...

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Hunger deaths have skyrocketed after aadhaar-based authentication came into force, allege Right to Food activists

There is a list available with the Right to Food Campaign ( – a decentralised network of civil society activists and experts who are working together voluntarily for ensuring food and nutrition security – which shows that 56 persons died between May, 2015 and March, 2018 on account of hunger and starvation despite India having passed the National Food Security Act (NFSA) in 2013. The RTF campaign has compiled the...

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Upward mobility: Muslims down; SCs, STs up; upper-caste & OBCs unchanged -

-The Indian Express The study also says that mobility levels for African Americans in US are better than those for Muslims in India but the movement of Dalits and Scheduled Tribes is comparable to that of African-Americans. New Delhi: As rising aspirations of India’s demographic dividend shape social and political discourse, comes a sobering new study: Looking at education and income, there is little inter-generational mobility (upward mobility from parent to child)...

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