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A grain stockist with a role still relevant -Sudha Narayanan

-The Hindu In the middle of the pandemic, the FCI holds the key to warding off a looming crisis of hunger and Starvation For several years now, the Food Corporation of India (FCI) has drawn attention for all the wrong reasons. Set up under the Food Corporations Act 1964, in its first decade, the FCI was at the forefront of India’s quest of self-sufficiency in rice and wheat following the Green Revolution,...

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Why did the Centre put migrant workers through five weeks of anguish before letting them go home? -Ipsita Chakravarty Neither testing nor hospital capacities in rural districts seems to have shown much improvement since lockdown was imposed. Five weeks after a nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of the coronavirus was announced to contain the spread of the coronavirus, the Centre will allow migrant workers to return home. Five weeks during which hundreds of thousands of workers set out on foot to cover the hundreds of kilometres that lay between...

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Covid-19 crisis calls for universal delivery of food and cash transfers by the state -Jayati Ghosh, Prabhat Patnaik and Harsh Mander

-The Indian Express In these dire circumstances, it is essential for the state to directly provide the basic means of survival to anyone who needs it. This must be in both cash and kind. The immediate need for universal food and cash delivery is by now obvious and urgent. Across the country, there are reports of people — migrant workers, local workers, peasants, pastoralists, fisherpeople, vendors, ragpickers, and the destitute — facing...

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Reasons to Produce Ethanol from Rice Stand on Shallow Ground, Say Experts -Ayaskant Das ‘It is upon the Department of Food & Public Distribution to give the green signal to the FCI for releasing approximately two million tons of rice which has been earmarked for producing ethanol…’ a senior official from the petroleum ministry told NewsClick. New Delhi: Not only has the Central Government’s decision to use surplus rice stocks in the country for producing ethanol, been criticised for being done at a time when...

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COVID-19: Thousands pushed to Starvation due to faulty biometric system in Bihar -CK Manoj

-Down to Earth Poor, elderly not able to match fingerprints on system, not getting food grain as a result Thousands of poor villagers have been pushed to the brink of Starvation in Bihar as the biometric system installed to curb leakages in the public distribution system (PDS) is proving to be the stumbling block on their way. The Food and Consumer Protection Department in the state has made it mandatory for use of...

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