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Why India’s migrants deserve a better deal -Priya Deshingkar * Roughly 100 million migrant workers are directly responsible for 10% of the GDP. Why are they still so invisible? * There has been an unwillingness to collect better data on circular migrants and understand how they affect the economy. This is shocking for a country that runs on migrant labour BRIGHTON/ LONDON: Images of Stranded Migrants and their long arduous journeys back home will remain seared in our collective memories of...

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In order to help migrant workers, Centre and states should ensure Free Travel, Free COVID Tests, Free Universal PDS, Wages and Cash Support and Universal Employment Guarantee, among other things

-Press release by Right to Food Campaign dated 8th May, 2020 The Right to Food Campaign has issued a statement insisting the central and state governments to ensure that all labourers get free rations, transport facilities and are treated with dignity.   Please click here to access the statement issued by Right to Food Campaign insisting on free rations, transport facility and dignity for Stranded Migrants. For more information, please contact the following...

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This Centre is a collection centre -Anita Joshua

-The Telegraph Migrant fiasco: Part II unfolds The decision to squeeze some money out of the mass movement of migrants blew up in the Centre’s face on Monday, prompting it to try and shift the blame to state governments. But the paper trail shows that states were asked to “collect the ticket fare” and hand over the amount to the Indian Railways. This is the second time the Narendra Modi government is finding...

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Paper suggests transporting migrants to home states in special trains -Avishek G Dastidar

-The Indian Express The trains will not stop anywhere and alarm chains will be coated with dry paint to catch if someone pulls it midway. The paper says social distancing norms will be followed in stations and trains will run with much less capacity. New Delhi: Special buses to bring Stranded Migrants to railway stations after screening by state governments following which they will be taken to their native states in special...

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Will Migrant Workers and Their Grievances Always Be Invisible to the Public Eye? -Manish K. Jha and M. Ibrahim Wani The momentary attention to the migrant exodus was overshadowed by other spectacles that were easily perceived as communal, suited to deflect attention and which positioned the state as proactive. We live in a society that significantly values media spectacles. Spread of disease, risk of contagion, and the plight of migrant labourers become worthy of attention only when a spectacle is made. The representations of migrant’s transit and associated tribulation have emerged...

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