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The Wages of Low Public Spending on Child Nutrition Programmes -Reetika Khera Stagnant government funding and mis-allocation of available resources in recent years are together resulting in limited improvements in levels of child nutrition, anaemia and mortality. Last December the results of the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) from 2015-16 hit the headlines. And the news was not good. In a world where children mattered, the logical outcome would have been for the government to course correct in the budget to be presented...

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India’s pandemic generation: 375 million children will suffer poor health, educational losses, says Centre for Science and Environment study

-The Hindu The pandemic also has its hidden victims — over 500 million children forced out of school globally and India accounted for more than half of them. The country is all set to usher in a ‘pandemic generation’, with 375 million children (from newborns to 14-year-olds) likely to suffer long-lasting impacts, ranging from being Underweight, stunting and increased child mortality, to losses in education and work productivity, according to the State...

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This Year's Budget Is Critical to Ensure a Comprehensive Nutrition Response -Happy Pant One of the most disturbing effects of the pandemic has been on the nutritional needs of the disadvantaged. The Budget needs to prioritise addressing this issue. The pandemic led disruptions of nutrition services have exacerbated India’s existing burden of undernutrition. Children did not get the mid-day meals and supplementary nutrition under the anganwadi services scheme they were registered under. Critical health services like immunisation, iron-folic acide and calcium supplementation, treatment of...

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Half of Indians above 45 either undernourished or overweight: Health ministry study -Shamrin Akhtar, Mahadev Bramhankar, Akancha Singh and Nand Lal Mishra

-Down to Earth In Chattisgarh, every third individual in the age group was malnourished Half the Indians aged 45 years and above have a desirable body mass index (BMI) while 21 per cent are Underweight, 21 per cent are overweight and 7 per cent are obese, according to a health ministry report released on January 6, 2021. Under-nutrition was reported more among people in this age group living in the rural areas and...

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Why NFHS-5 Data Merits Serious Concern and Urgent Action -Dipa Sinha According to the data, in most states there is a worsening in nutrition indicators such as childhood stunting, wasting and Underweight. Partial results from the National Family Health Survey round 5 (NFHS-5) released last week draw attention to the crisis of malnutrition in the country. The factsheets that are available pertain to 17 states and five Union Territories – put together they roughly account for half of India’s population. Although there are...

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