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A fiscal crisis: Why FCI needs provisioning in food subsidy budget -Sandip Das

-Down to Earth Mounting expenses, under-provisioning of food subsidy budget leading to a huge debt is highly worrisome A fiscal crisis has been brewing in the last few years. Mounting food subsidy arrears — payable to the Food Corporation of India (FCI) due to ‘under-provisioning’ of food subsidy expenses in successive Union Budgets — has forced FCI to take loans to finance its operations. FCI is the central agency that manages procurement, storage...

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Migrant workers' deaths: Govt says it has no data. But didn't people die? Here is a list - Mukesh Rawat The Modi govt has told Parliament it does not have data of migrant workers who died during the lockdown. India Today sheds light on data documenting those who died while desperately trying to reach their homes. While presenting the Union Budget 2020 in Parliament on February 1, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman outlined the importance of data and said that in order to meet challenges of real-time monitoring of India's increasingly complex...

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ExplainSpeaking on economy: Why unemployment could become a bigger headache for government -Udit Misra

-The Indian Express Rapid spread of Covid-19 and inadequate spending by government could result in India suffering a permanent loss of Rs 30 lakh crore, which is roughly the size of the Union Budget for 2020-21 Dear Readers, This week started with several economists coming out with their revised GDP growth expectations for India in response to the official GDP growth data that was released on August 31. With the economy shrinking more...

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Most unmet demand in MGNREGA work has been found in Uttar Pradesh (27%), Madhya Pradesh (22%) and Bihar (20%), finds People's Action for Employment Guarantee

-Press Note by People's Action for Employment Guarantee dated September 10th, 2020 MGNREGA during the pandemic and beyond: Implementation highlights, concerns and questions and demands for parliamentarians We are confronting an unprecedented crisis in the history of modern India. On the one hand, the increasing number of COVID cases point to a dubious distinction for India on the world stage. On the other hand, the unplanned lockdown has resulted in a massive...

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Where is the staff to serve in rural areas and implement schemes?

Huge sums of money are allocated for the rural and agrarian sectors by the Union Government in its annual budget every year, and rightly so. But in the absence of adequate number of officials in rural areas, can the various schemes and programmes of the government be implemented properly? We will find the answer if we think about this issue deeply and the answer that would emerge should bother us...

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