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To understand the outbreak of zoonotic diseases, track human activities causing environmental changes, key message of UNEP-ILRI report

A report by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), which was released on July 6th (observed as World Zoonoses Day by research institutions and non-governmental organisations across the globe) this year, says that around 60 percent of known infectious diseases in humans are estimated to have an animal origin. Likewise, almost three-fourth of all new and emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic i.e. these diseases...

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75% emerging infectious diseases zoonotic: UN Report -Rajeshwari Sinha

-Down to Earth Document emphasises on importance of a ‘One-Health’ approach to manage and prevent zoonotic disease outbreaks and pandemics About 60 per cent of known infectious diseases in humans and 75 per cent of all emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic, according to a new report published recently by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI). Preventing the Next Pandemic:Zoonotic diseases and how to break the chain...

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A pledge to do better for world biodiversity -Rupesh K Bhomia and Abhay Kumar

-The Indian Express June 5 was World Environment Day. We must strive to preserve our environment better if we want to prevent pandemics like COVID-19 This year’s celebration of World Environment Day — on June 5 — has been different compared to all the previous years, as human civilisation faces one of its biggest crises. The COVID-19 pandemic is larger than the environmental crisis of the 1960s and ’70s, which prompted the...

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Farmers or corporates: Who benefits from Andhra Pradesh's natural farming project? -Aritra Bhattacharya The government’s choice of partners has raised concerns. In June 2018, the Andhra Pradesh government announced an ambitious programme to bring all 80 lakh hectares of its cultivable land under agroecological farming by 2024. Agroecology emphasises minimising external, artificial inputs by using resources available in the local ecosystem so as to make farming sustainable and environment-friendly. Called Andhra Pradesh Climate Resilient Zero Budget Natural Farming, the programme seeks to wean away 60...

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India says it is set to reach emission goal on time -Jayanta Basu

-The Telegraph Country is also on track to having 40 per cent installed electric power from non-fossil fuel sources: Harsh Vardhan Katowice (Poland): India is on track to achieving its 2030 targets to curb its greenhouse gas emissions, environment minister Harsh Vardhan asserted at a global climate summit on Monday and asked developed countries to enhance their actions. Vardhan, speaking on the summit’s first day, said the issue of restructuring targets would hinge...

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