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The country should worry about further deepening of economic inequality in the post-COVID period

The World Economic Outlook – a bi-annual publication of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) -- released in October 2020 has anticipated that the economic progress made by the countries since the 1990s to reduce poverty would be turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. On top of that, economic disparity would rise too in the post-COVID world because the crisis has disproportionately impacted women, informal sector workers and people with...

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Upper caste Hindus richest in India, own 41% of total assets; STs own 3.7%, says study on Wealth Distribution -Anjali Marar

-The Indian Express A two-year-long study jointly undertaken by the SPPU, JNU and Indian Institute of Dalit Studies has revealed that only 22.3 per cent of the country’s higher caste Hindus own 41 per cent of the country’s total wealth Pune: Caste continues to play a significant role in the educational and professional choices available to an individual, and the resultant income and assets, reveals a two-year-long study jointly undertaken by...

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Thomas Piketty explains why he is helping Rahul Gandhi with minimum income guarantee -DK Singh French economist defends Congress' minimum income guarantee scheme, says India's poor have been 'badly treated by the country's elite'. New Delhi: French economist Thomas Piketty has defended the Congress party’s poll promise of minimum income guarantee (MIG), saying that India’s poor have been “badly treated by the country’s elite”. “It is high time to move from the politics of caste conflict to the politics of income and Wealth Distribution,” Piketty said in...

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India's rising inequality is taking the shine off its growth story even in the world's eyes -Riaz Hassan India has attracted negative attention in recent years as the second most unequal country in the world, after Russia. Spectacular economic growth over the past three decades has made India a global economic powerhouse. Between 1990 and 2016, India’s economy grew at a compound rate of around 7% in current dollars. The Indian economy is now the third largest in the world by purchasing power parity after China and the...

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India second most unequal region in Wealth Distribution: report -Jitendra

-Down to Earth India’s 10 per cent rich share 55 per cent of the national income, making it the second most unequal region after the Middle East India emerged as the second most unequal region in the world after the Middle East, according to the World Inequality Report 2018. The 10 per cent of super rich population share 55 per cent of the national income of the country. In the Middle...

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