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'The soul of women and life of the poor': Five women explain why MNREGA works for them People’s Action for Employment Guarantee The rural jobs guarantee scheme completes 10 years this month. The world’s biggest public works programme completes 10 years this month. The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act was enacted in September 2005, with the purpose of guaranteeing 100 days of employment in villages to any household willing to do manual work at minimum wage. It started from 200 districts in February the next year....

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Recycling the bin -Kankana Das

-Down to Earth Several initiatives are demonstrating how the informal e-waste recycling sector can be formalised Savita Devi (name changed), a municipal solid waste worker in Ahmedabad city, used to earn Rs 1,500 per month. When she joined an initiative of GIZ India in 2012, where she was trained to collect e-waste, her income rose to Rs 2,500 per month. “We are now able to hire private tutors to educate our children,”...

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Women desert rural labour force, Tamil Nadu breaks the trend -B Sivakumar

-The Times of India CHENNAI: Women in rural areas are increasingly withdrawing from the country's labour force. This trend is particularly evident in states like Karnataka, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh where women have opted out of the labour force over the years. This is more in check in states like Tamil Nadu where the difference in gender gap between 2004 and 2011 is 8. In Karnataka it is 16 while in...

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65 die of starvation, future bleak for lakhs of north Bengal tea workers

-DNA The situation of hunger has now resulted in several starvation deaths. In the last six months, 65 workers have died, with 21 dead in Birpara tea estate, 16 in Hantapara, 15 in Dhumchipara, 7 in Gargandya and 6 in Nageswari. At about 3 pm on September 15 early this year, Rajman Lohar passed away in his modest home in Hantapara. A permanent worker at the Hantapara Tea Estate, owned by the...

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India walks to work: Census -Rukmini S

-The Hindu Over a fifth of non-agricultural workers in India commute to work on foot, followed by commutes by cycle, moped or motorcycle and bus, new data from the Census shows. Fewer than three per cent take cars or vans, and over half travel less than five kilometres. On Thursday, the office of the Registrar General of India released data on commutes for the 200 million working Indians who are neither...

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