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Devoid of smartphones, 231 students of a Chandigarh govt school unable to access online classes -Hina Rohtaki

-The Indian Express Several students of Government School Dhanas dropped out as they could not afford smartphones, as now one's access to education depends majorly on it Chandigarh: Bhawna, a student of standard XII at Government School, Dhanas, has been living with her grandfather (80) since her parents passed away, when she was five-years-old. Her grandfather, now 80, makes a living by selling vegetables on a rehri. Barely able to make ends...

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NSO report on education: ‘One in three high schoolers gets private coaching’

-The Hindu The fees make up for almost 20% of their total cost of education, says NSO report on education One in five students in India supplements school education with private coaching, including almost one in three at the secondary school level or Classes 9 and 10. Private coaching fees make up almost 20% of the total cost of education for those in secondary and higher secondary school. In some States, such as...

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India needs SC-ST sub-quota. And the Supreme Court just removed one key roadblock -Yogendra Yadav It took the SC 10 years to say that an unjust order on sub-quotas needed a rethink. And then another six years for a Justice Arun Mishra-led bench to say the court may have been wrong. The last thing you expect me to do in these times is to welcome a Supreme Court judgment by Justice Arun Mishra’s bench. But it so happens that among the various questionable and controversial orders...

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NSO report shows stark digital divide affects education

-The Hindu Evidence of significant disparity in access to online schooling during COVID-19 Schools across the country have now been closed for six months due to COVID-19, but this means vastly different things for different people. For the child in urban Himachal Pradesh, where Internet penetration is higher than 70%, it likely means online schooling, Zoom classes and digital textbooks. For the child in rural Odisha, where less than 6% of households...

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Chhattisgarh reopens its anganwadis to provide daily hot nutritious meals -Sarah Khan Chhattisgarh has become the first state in the country to reopen its anganwadi centres amid the COVID-19 to offer health and nutrition services to kids and women After remaining shut for almost half a year, 55,000 anganwadis in Chhattisgarh reopened yesterday on September 7 to provide hot nutritious meals and health services to 1.5 million children under the age of six years, and 0.5 million pregnant and lactating women registered with...

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