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The National education Policy Has a Grand Vision but Can't See Its Own Feet -Kiran Bhatty The New education Policy has presented a grand vision document on schooling that does not relate to the ground reality of either the children or the state. A national policy that has been six years in the making, and has come after a long gap of 34 years, has a lot of expectations riding on it. The Kasturirangan Committee that drafted the policy no doubt took on the task with sincerity...

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Politicians will pose the biggest challenge to NEP -Rahul Verma

-Hindustan Times They own many educational institutions. To preserve their patronage network, they will resist reforms The New education Policy (NEP) presented by the government recently is being described as a progressive and forward-looking document. There is little to quibble with the broad recommendations in the document. The deeper question to pose is whose interests the reform is going to hurt, and whether this class has enough power to circumvent the reform...

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NEP: India Takes a Great Leap Backwards -Prabhat Patnaik The document is exclusionary, reactionary and promotes conformism aimed at serving the interests of capitalism In a document like the New education Policy, one must distinguish platitudes from new provisions, including the dropping of old platitudes. Thus, phrases like “education is a public good”, “6 per cent of GDP should be earmarked for education” are just platitudes, unless some concrete suggestions are advanced to realise these. In short, repeating old platitudes is...

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‘Light But Tight’: Whose National education Policy is it Anyway? -G Arunima

-Outlook India Merit, not inclusion. ‘Holistic’ instead of ‘liberal’. Shallow eclecticism rather than criticality: NEP 2020 is full of pious keywords that mask a violent lurch back towards hierarchy and unfreedoms. The past decade has witnessed tumultuous events and changes in the history of Indian higher education. In part, some of these stand out as they are recent, and still alive in public memory. These have ranged from fierce student protests demanding...

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Tamil Nadu Rejects NEP's Three-Language Formula, to Continue Dual Language Policy

-PTI/ Chief minister E.K. Palaniswami described the three-language formula in the New education Policy as 'painful and saddening', asking Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reconsider it. Chennai: The Tamil Nadu government on Monday rejected the Centre’s three-language formula proposed in the new National education Policy (NEP) 2020 and said there will not be any deviation from the two-language policy being followed in the state. Taking strong exception to the proposal for the...

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