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Mid-Day Meals play a crucial role in guaranteeing child nutrition in the post-pandemic world

School meals ensure nutrition for millions of vulnerable children across the world. Almost 370 million children worldwide are covered by school feeding programmes. While 100 million school children benefitted from the noon meal scheme in India prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, countries like Brazil (48 million), China (44 million), South Africa (9 million) and Nigeria (9 million) too run similar programmes for school children. However, an estimated 39 billion in-school...

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Standing committee report highlights transportation issues of pregnant women

-PTI/ The Hindu The report tabled in the Lok Sabha said the Health ministry has not paid enough attention to the transportation problems faced by pregnant women, particularly when the labour pain starts. A standing committee report to examine “Women’s Healthcare: Policy Options” highlighted the issue of unavailability of easy transportation of expectant mothers to the nearest delivery points still remains a arduous task in view of difficult geographical terrains. The report tabled...

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Don’t merge, wind up national institutes: Disability rights groups

-The Hindu They play a vital role in human resources development, they tell Centre A group of 100 disability rights organisations and activists wrote to Social Justice and empowerment Minister Thawarchand Gehlot asking him not to go ahead with the proposed merger and closure of several institutes under the Department of empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEPwD). They said the institutes and regional centres were set up by the government “in pursuit of...

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Why the Dangs has not been able to implement FRA properly -Kankana Trivedi

-Down to Earth The ‘real owner’ of forest land is still the forest department. Such brazen violation of the law betrays a systematic attempt to implement FRA, reducing it to a symbol rather than a tool of empowerment The Dangs, the smallest district in Gujarat, is a thickly forested and tribal-dominated region that has been away from the ‘developmental’ paradigm till today. Some 77.5 per cent of its area is under forest cover,...

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Nitish Diminish

-The Indian Express Bihar order against criticism of government online is against governance. The Chief Minister must scrap it. The Bihar government’s decision to designate “objectionable and indecent” comments made online against the state government or its ministers, MLAs, MPs and officials as cyber-crime is one more example of elected governments abusing their power to buy themselves a Teflon shield against criticism, dissent and accountability. In November last year, the Kerala government...

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