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Can a stunted population drive development?

-The New Indian Express As for our media, it’s more interested in a Bihar-born actor, his girlfriend and her brother. So India is in the ‘serious’ category on the Global Hunger Index. No surprises there. There’s dismal relief only in the fact that 94th out of 107 countries is a notch better than previous years—a slow, dispiriting crawl, and below our entire neighbourhood. Bangladesh, Myanmar and Pakistan, though also in GHI 2020’s...

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Do You Know How Much Veggies are Costing, Mr. Modi? -Subodh Varma Devastated by the pandemic and lockdown, people are now facing a back-breaking inflation, especially in everyday food items like vegetables. In just the past month, inflation (annual price rise) has zoomed up, delivering a body blow to family budgets. Recently released government data shows that retail inflation rate hit an eight-month high of 7.34%, up from 6.69% in August. This is general inflation, including all items of consumption. For food items, the...

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India's Onion Export Ban Goes Against the Spirit of Recent Agricultural Reform -Siraj Hussain and Jugal Mohapatra The ban on onion exports has proven that farmers, mostly small and marginal, will continue to hold the burden of reining food inflation. On June 5, 2020, just after the COVID-19-induced all-India lockdown was being eased, the government promulgated The Essential Commodities (Amendment Ordinance, 2020). This move was lauded by India Inc as the move apparently signalled that the Indian government had finally decided to ease the draconian provisions of the EC...

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An agriculture-led revival as flawed claim -R Ramakumar

-The Hindu The crisis in agriculture demands that the government announce a strong fiscal stimulus for the rural economy A rather confident statement heard in the midst of India’s COVID-19-induced economic slowdown is this: “Agriculture will lead India’s economic revival”. But how valid is this claim put forward by government spokespersons and some observers? Four major arguments are offered. First, India’s food grain production in 2019-20 was 3.7% higher than in 2018-19. The...

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Is the new farm trade regime fueling food inflation? -Sayantan Bera Trade moving outside regulated markets could lead to speculation and volatile prices, warn experts NEW DELHI: After the Centre enacted a new set of laws freeing internal trade in farm produce, crop arrivals in regulated wholesale markets have witnessed a sharp decline. However, off-market transactions between farmers and traders which are going unrecorded could be fueling food inflation as traders engage in speculation and hoarding, experts said. An analysis of numbers from...

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