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Has Bangladesh’s economic rise taken the wind out of the NRC narrative? -Shoaib Daniyal The final NRC data seems to have belied myths about both the quantum of migration from Bangladesh as well as the religious affilitation of the migrants. For more than five decades now, fear of migration from Bangladesh (and earlier Pakistan’s East Bengal province) has influenced the politics of Assam. To justify this, very high estimates of numbers of Bangladeshi migrants have been put out in the public domain in India. In 1997,...

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Amid polls, festivals, migrants continue to leave Bihar -Avishek G Dastidar

-The Indian Express Railways has introduced clone trains to replicate services with a long waiting list. Out of the 40 such trains, around 24 are from stations in Bihar. Even as the Opposition in Bihar tries to make the plight of migrant workers an election issue, train passenger data shows high occupancy rates on routes connecting the state with destinations that rely heavily on migrant labour.  The demand has been such that...

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No Jobs In Villages, Bihar’s migrants Are Returning To Cities -Parth MN and Umesh Kumar Ray Patna: Balmiki Kumar’s previous and current jobs are vastly different. For five years, Kumar, 33, taught geography at a private school in Hilsa, a town in central Bihar’s Nalanda district. He now works as a plantation labourer under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS). That, however, is not the only difference. In his earlier job, he got paid. “The school shut after the lockdown in March and I...

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Did India Lock Down Too Early? -Ritwik Banerjee These are our findings from over 43 countries on how aware people were about COVID-19 at different stages of its progression. By now, Indians have become used to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s abrupt announcements – the consequences of which have changed the lives of many, forever. Demonetisation was one such announcement, then the reading down of Article 370, and then, the nationwide lockdown, announced on March 24 – with only four...

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70% of reverse migrants want to go back to cities -Prashant K. Nanda Government data claims that more than 10 million people went home after the lockdown, although experts and civil society groups say the number is much larger. migrants who went home during the lockdown saw their incomes drop by as much as 94% and an overwhelming majority of them are ready to return to the cities, a survey by a team of retired government officers and academics found. The survey on covid’s impact...

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