Re 1 for 1GB: Meet the startup that wants to give you data access via lasers -Sneha Saha

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published Published on Jan 23, 2020   modified Modified on Jan 23, 2020
-The Indian Express

Once a user opts-in, they will receive a Wifi Dabba Gigabit Router with DabbaOS running on it. It will be connected to the nearest supernode and the user will be able to start browsing at gigabit speeds for free by simply logging in.

India might have the cheapest data rates in the world, but that does not mean it is still accessible to everyone. And that is exactly the problem the Bengaluru startup Wi-Fi Dabba set out to solve three years ago. The startup wants to fix the connectivity problem with its “reliable and affordable service” called supernodes.

The inception

Founded in 2016, Wi-Fi Dabba started with the aim to offer “sasta” internet connection. “When we started three years ago, we believed the key issue was in last mile connectivity and pricing. So, we worked as ISP aggregators, buying connections from players who use fibre technology,” CEO Karam Lakshman tells

As days and months passed, the company realized that the real problem is with the “fibre” itself. “We realised that fibre is the key issue so worked on developing a solution for the middle mile – supernodes,” Karam explains.

The cost of access to broadband is still high for most Indians and this is largely due to the third-party hardware, software and networking infrastructure. Couple this with the need to dig trenches to lay expensive and delicate fibre optic and the cost goes even higher.

The Indian Express, 22 January, 2020, please click here to read more.

The Indian Express, 22 January, 2020,

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