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Time-Use Survey Report 2019: What Do We Learn About Rural Women? -Madhura Swaminathan

-Review of Agrarian Studies In 2019, the National Statistical Office undertook India’s first-ever national time-use survey, the results of which have recently been published (GoI 2020). Time Use in India 2019 (henceforth, TUS19) provides information on time spent by men and women in rural and urban areas of all States in different activities during one full day. From such a survey, we should be able to gauge the time spent on...

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Mysuru man builds houses with construction debris -K Rathna

-The New Indian Express Budget 2021-22: Rising poverty, falling health parameters, worsening educational outcomes, inadequate housing and widespread Unemployment are the biggest challenges facing the Indian economy. MYSURU: From a distance, a house at Harthale, Nanjangud, looks like any other in the locality. But you step inside, and you will find recycled wooden windows and doors procured from demolished buildings, broken ceramics for surface, mud concrete blocks made out of building waste,...

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Quality gigs, a solution to urban Unemployment -Vineet John Samuel

-The Hindu With no urban equivalent to the NREGA as yet, there must be a focus on supporting new forms of employment With the Indian economy gradually finding its feet after a historic contraction of negative 23.9% in the April-June quarter, economic commentators have busied themselves with debating the need for fiscal expansion and the viability of a “V-shaped recovery”. These debates, however, have shifted focus away from the employment question, considered...

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2020 – How the Modi Govt Led India into Record Joblessness -Subodh Varma Unemployment has inched up to over 9% as the year ends and the so-called economic recovery is a mirage. For Indians, 2020 will go down in history as the worst year for livelihoods and incomes. Unemployment levels rose to record highs, incomes plummeted to record lows and such was the scale of deprivation that thousands of families teetered on the brink of starvation. Tragically, this was not just the pandemic. It...

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Unprecedented rise in China’s ‘market-subverting’ impact on global economy going forward: Niti Aayog -Roshan Kishore

-Hindustan Times The note, which has been reviewed by HT, paints a grim picture of the global economy going forward, does not rule out something like the Great Depression of the 1930s, and sees a rise in poverty, Unemployment and debt. The Covid-19 pandemic will transform the global economic order for worse, with a “market subverting” China emerging as the alternative pole to the US, says a background note of the Niti...

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