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Modi's Gamble, and How Many Lives It Will Cost -Prem Shankar Jha Modi did not want only to prevent a second wave; he wanted all the credit for stopping COVID-19 in its tracks to go to him and him alone. In her heart-rending description of her desperate search for oxygen to save her father’s life, the celebrated TV news anchor Barkha Dutt ascribed his death to three features of governance that have defined Modi’s India: complacency, callousness and incompetence. She could have added...

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Direct cash transfer smooth in Punjab, but is it a hit with Farmers -Shagun Kapil

-Down to Earth State pays out 83% of wheat MSP due for rabi season in a month Punjab has successfully paid the lion’s share of price due to wheat Farmers for their produce via the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) route as the Rabi marketing season nears its end. However, Farmers are unsure about what it will mean for their equation with the aarthiyas or commission agents, who have been their financial backbones...

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Why the BJP may choose to bury the controversial farm laws now -Sanjay Kumar A section of the BJP’s own supporters, and its vocal middle class base appears opposed to the controversial farm laws In 2015, the first Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) central government unveiled an ambitious reform to overhaul India’s land acquisition laws that would have enabled corporations easier access to land across the country. But faced with intense protests from Opposition parties, the changes were rolled back. In 2020, the second Modi-led...

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Mamata writes to Modi asking him to keep his promise of giving Farmers Rs 18,000

-The New Indian Express She also said in the letter that no fund has been received by either the state government or the Farmers. KOLKATA: Mounting pressure on the BJP-led central government for the second consecutive day on Thursday, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee shot a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi reminding him of his assurance made during election campaigns on releasing arrears of Rs 18,000 to Farmers under the...

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What Lies at the Foundation of the Prolonged Agrarian Crisis in India? -Shinzani Jain The deeper rot in agriculture can be overcome through more far-reaching reforms, starting from an overhaul of pre-capitalist land relations and relations of production that continue to shackle productivity and are at the root of aggravating poverty, unemployment and inequality in rural India. It has been more than five months since Farmers from different parts of the country began protesting in Delhi. They have been unflinching when it comes to their...

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